Im running:
# uname -a
FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE #4: Tue Jan 21 01:02:07 CET 2003 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/NEWLAPTOP i386

And my dmesg contains the following about cbb
# dmesg|grep cbb
cbb0: <RF5C475 PCI-CardBus Bridge> irq 10 at device 5.0 on pci1
cardbus0: <CardBus bus> on cbb0
pccard0: <16-bit PCCard bus> on cbb0
cbb0: Unsupported card type detected

Does that mean that my cardbus brigde isn't supported by freebsd or something??
the machine freezes if i stuff in my 16bit Netgear MA401 wireless pcmcia card in...
And i really would like to use that card!

kind regards
Søren Vrist

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