Hi all,

Wasn't sure where I should ask for help with this problem, so I'm starting
here.  If there's a more appropriate place, please let me know.

I have a FreeBSD box running -STABLE which has had IPSec working with other
hosts for quite some time without a problem.  I've just setup another
FreeBSD box running 5.0-RC1 and am trying to establish a VPN tunnel but am
not getting too far.  I'm using racoon and when attempting the negotiation
with debugging enabled, the following message appears:
2003-01-20 12:00:23: ERROR: pfkey.c:207:pfkey_handler(): pfkey ADD failed:
Invalid argument
and the following message is logged via syslog:
Jan 20 12:00:23 atlas kernel: key_mature: invalid AH key length 160 (128-128

The relevant section of racoon.conf which is identical on both boxes is:
sainfo anonymous
        pfs_group 1;
        lifetime time 86400 sec;
        encryption_algorithm 3des ;
        authentication_algorithm hmac_sha1 ;
        compression_algorithm deflate ;

The box running -STABLE has been working fine with this configuration so I'm
assuming the problem is with the box running 5.0-RC1.  Interestingly, I've
also tried using des as the encryption algorithm and hmac_md5 as the
authentication algorithm and I receive the following error message:
racoon: failed to parse configuration file.

If anyone has any suggestions for a fix, or how I go about further
diagnosing this problem, I'd love to hear from you.



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