Thanks for the information Ben.  I have upgraded racoon and everything is
working fine.



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On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 02:41:24PM +0000, Scott Penno wrote:

> I have a FreeBSD box running -STABLE which has had IPSec working with
> hosts for quite some time without a problem.  I've just setup another
> FreeBSD box running 5.0-RC1 and am trying to establish a VPN tunnel but am
> not getting too far.  I'm using racoon and when attempting the negotiation
> with debugging enabled, the following message appears:
> 2003-01-20 12:00:23: ERROR: pfkey.c:207:pfkey_handler(): pfkey ADD failed:
> Invalid argument
> and the following message is logged via syslog:
> Jan 20 12:00:23 atlas kernel: key_mature: invalid AH key length 160
> allowed)

Tried rebuilding racoon? i had just upgraded a machine that was following
-STABLE and blowfish suddenly wasn't supported, and if i used aes or 3des
it complained like you've got. I did a "portupgrade -f racoon" suddenly all
worked fine again.. YMMV (:

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Ben. <ben @ mumble . org . uk>

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