Andrei Iarus wrote:
After noticing that I get an php error (an Segmentation fault error), I reinstalled my php port. Than I got 
some errors related to the preg_match function => I reinstalled all php extensions (with portupgrade -rf 
php-5.2.1_3), including pcre. After this, my apache server didn't start ("apachectl start" didn't 
give me any errors, but after switching to the debug mode from the httpd.conf file, all I got was something 
like "[Mon Apr  9 23:34:15 2007] [info] mod_unique_id: using ip addr"). Then I 
discovered that it was because the php5-session extension (after commenting the line in the 
extensions.ini). Then I noticed that listing the installed pear/pecl packages gave me a lot of php errors 
(some errors in Command.php). Trying to install the pear package using the ports, it would stop with stop 
with an "*** Signal 11

This may or may not help you: PHP is very (should probably say "extremely") sensitive to the order its extensions are loaded. Due to the way portupgrade works, the order of extensions is not kept during upgrades (and is for-all-intents-and-purposes randomized). Thus, once perfectly working server may be unusuable after a portupgrade run.

The solution: find the order of extensions that work for you (extensions.ini), and save it somewhere so you can restore it after portupgrade.

You should search the archives and the web for more information - it's a common problem.

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