I just ran into a problem trying to install the 5.0 world. I thought I
checked and had 30M free on / before I started this. However, after
building, the world, building the kernel, installing the kernel, running
mergemaster -p, I went to install the world and got the error 'out of
space on /' 

I need to find some room, but I'm a little nervous about what I can rm.
Here is what I'm looking at:

1)       / partition is 79M, 64M are used (I was almost sure there was
more room than that on / before I satarted). 
2)       /tmp is on it's own partition
3)       du -h on subdirectories breakdown like this. 
        a.       18M /boot
        b.       1.4M /etc
        c.       3.7M /kernel
        d.       3.9M /kern.GENERIC
        e.       6M /modules
        f.         21M /sbin
        g.       2.1M /stand

as you can see that pretty much accounts for it. The rest of the stuff
is pretty small.

I need to know if I can delete any of this stuff and still successfully
do a 'make installworld'?



Ps... sorry about cross posting (I wasn't sure if 5-release qualified
for the stable list)

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