# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-23 00:16:00 -0800:
>     FreeBSD 4.7
>     Mutt 1.4i (2002-05-29)
>     Vim 6.1.271
>     Anyways, when I run vim from the command line, if I'm in insert mode and I
>     hit the backspace key it acts normally.  IE: It erases the character to the
>     left of the cursor.
>     However, when I'm editing an email to send (as I am right now) when I hit
>     the backspace key it instead acts like I hit delete. (Erasing the character
>     under the cursor).
>     Any ideas as to why this might be happening?  It's highly frustrating.

    I had the same/similar problem when I started using FreeBSD. The
    lack of user-level documentation, silence of
    those-who-have-the-answers, all that was really depressing.

    That said, I went through my .vimrc, .muttrc, .Xdefaults, and .zsh*
    files, and /usr/share/misc/termcap, and all I could find was

    XTerm.backspacekey: ^H
    XTerm.deletekey: ^?

    in my .Xdefaults; the ^H and ^? are literal characters, IOW, real
    backspace and delete.

    I had this problem some time ago: rxvt (or was it vim?) started from
    my window manager's menu (which was then blackbox) behaved properly,
    while if started through bbkeys (an app that handles keyboard
    shortcuts in blackbox) I couldn't get backspace/delete behave. The
    difference was in the way these two programs launched it. I don't
    remember what I did to address it, perhaps the author of bbkeys
    changed the code...

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