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> Dear Sir
> I am new to this operating system and became interested when I started to
> look at a solution for a network set-up. I do not know if I will be able to
> master this OS because I grew up with Windows and know nothing about UNIX OS
> systems. With windows I at least can help myself and find my way around.

While FreeBSD has some very good online documents, for learning the basics
I would go for a book. There's a short list at the bottom of:


of which I can personally recommend "Absolute BSD". There is also "FreeBSD
unleashed" which I had no chance to look at. It seems people are happy
with it, at least the people who typically post responses to "which FreeBSD
book should I buy?" questions.

[BTW, would one of the satisfied readers of "FreeBSD unleashed" care to
send a PR to update the page above with a link to it? I feel uncomfortable
doing that has I haven't read it]


  Dan Pelleg

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