We have some systems with a lot of jails.  We're using ezjail, which results
in a lot of nullfs mounts.  In combination with some other nullfs tricks I'm
using on this system, I'm a bit concerned that we're going to hit some sort
of limit on the number of mountpoint.

Google hasn't been much help, and I thought I'd ask here before I dug in to
the sourcecode.  I'm wondering if there's an upper limit (either hard or
practical) on the number of mountpoints on a system?

[The interesting thing is that this seems to be the only limitation I'm
worried about at this time.  With 30G of HDD space, 2G of RAM and a single
3Ghz CPU, we're running 12 jails and still have room for more.  Let's see
VMWare do that!]

Bill Moran
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