On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 03:05:19PM +0100, Ruben de Groot wrote:

> > I have always found this to be a problem with FreeBSD: why can't sendmail,
> > bind and the other contributed software be made optional at install
> > time, so that the base system is not cluttered with old software when
> > we install new versions? The tight coupling of contributed software into
> > the base system is in my opinion not a good idea.
> This question has been asked and answered numerous times on this list.
> Yes, it can be done (I believe there's a project "libh" or something
> working on it amongst other things), but it's a lot of work. Are you 
> volunteering to help?

Yes, I'd like to, where/if I can. How do I get involved in the project?

Anand Buddhdev

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