On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 10:04:57PM -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Eric Crist wrote:

        [ ... ]

> Eric,
>       That's one flavor of DVI; memory serves me correctly there were 2: 
> I-DVI and some other kind (I think the one you have pictured above is 
> I-DVI).
>       I gave my old box to Gary, it's an HDMI ATI 7000 series card, and 
>       the card has an HDMI to Dual VGA plug along with it. I forgot that all 
> the 
> items were still in the box (did that to ensure that everything was put 
> in the box and made it through shipping all right).
>       Anyhow, getting back to the video thing at hand, if Gary was to 
> purchase a card he should purchase an nVidia card. It's the only brand 
> with OpenGL support properly enabled in Linux and FreeBSD. 5000-6000 
> series would be sufficient.
> -Garrett

        tO Garrett,

        Okay, if I do need another or newer card, I should look for
        "nVidia"; what else? Like how much video memory is appropriate?
        64, 128, 256 megs?  AGP, i'M assuming.

        tia, and so long fer now,


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