Jarosław Staniek wrote:
On 12 Maj, 02:41, Danny Pansters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > > yields an empty result. Does anyone have any pointers on what it might > > > take to get this working again? I have about 30 saved queries, none of
> > > them work any more.
> > What kind of database? Native (SQLite), MySQL, Postgres?
> > Kind regards,
> I think you should install the qt database(s) support you want via ports:
> qt-ibase-plugin
> qt-mysql-plugin
> qt-odbc-plugin
> qt-pgsql-plugin
> qt-sqlite-plugin
> qt4-ibase-plugin
> qt4-mysql-plugin
> qt4-odbc-plugin
> qt4-pgsql-plugin
> qt4-sql
> qt4-sqlite-plugin
> qt4-sqlite3-plugin

Kexi does not use qt sql plugins you mentioned above.
Drew, could you send me an SQLite database file with the problem reproduced?

I'll try to build one at home (similar system, though they have exhibited different bugs at times) and see if it does the same thing, if not, I'll try to put something together for you from work Monday.
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