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> And, if you _really_ screw things up, like 'rm -rf foo *'
> instead of 'rm -rf foo*' from /usr/bin, bunzip2 and restore are right there
> in /rescue, while rsync isn't. And getting rsync to work when /usr/bin is
> hosed is quite a lot of work (no compiler etc).
> And yes, these things happen (speaking from personal experience). :-(
> So making backups with something that is available in /rescue or on the
> boot CD is definitely a huge plus. Because if you need those backups,
> chances are you need them badly.

Very true.
Also, dump/restore allows you to use snapshots on a live filesystem (I would
test it properly on a large FS with heavy activity). 

Now, if you are worried about "backing up the whole filesystem"...well, just
tell dump not to dump it :)

man chflags (in particular, the nodump flag)
man dump (in particular, -h )

having said that, each tool has its advantages.... i use rdiff-backup for my
laptop, but dump/restore on servers .

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