I recently changed my ISP - DSL provider, a new static IP, and now
having problems ssh'ing in, none before.
My config ==>

ISP[DSL] ==>Modem==>Router/Gateway  ==>  Hub____LAN machine(1)
                                           |____LAN machine(2)
                                           |____LAN machine(n)

The LAN side machines are configured w/ NAT and the mapping are
unchanged, using 192.168.x.n etc. The WAN side is configured correctly,
I think. I can access the internet from the LAN, SSH & Telnet. However I
cannot telnet or SSH into the LAN and the Port mappings are the same as
before??? The only change has been to the Gateway configuration, IP #,
DNS & subnetmask.
What am I missing?
--  Joe  --

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