Written by Yanko Sanchez on 05/21/07 14:03>>
Thanks for anyone that  has helped so far, I'm a freebsd newbie coming
from linux.

So I basically re-compiled my kernel with the LARGE option on and it
seems to mount the drive fine. I encountered another problem tho.

Before I recompiled the kernel I updated the ports tree, basically cos
I just wanted to see how it was done and it seemed to be successful.
The problem is that after I recompiled the kernel a bunch of stuff
stoped working.  I have the server setup as a router and my to Network
cards isn't showing up anymore (both being the same type of cards, I
use to have rl0 and rl1) so It isn't routing anymore, and now im
getting a bunch of DHCPREQUEST messages on startup which I wasn't
getting before. And other errors saying that my network card isn't
configured. I checked /etc/rc.conf and the lines for ifconfig are
still in there...

Did I upgrade the kernel sources by doing an upgrade to the ports?
That would make sense, but what bugs me is that I copied the same
kernel config and just added the MSDOSFS_LARGE option once I booted up
I got the errors mentioned above. Shouldn't it have stayed pretty much
the same? I'm just trying to get a better understand if what happened
to that I don't make the same mistake.

1. How did you upgrade your ports tree?
2. How did you recompile the kernel?
3. What does uname -a report?
4. what is the output of ifconfig -a?
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