You'll get better response if you send each question as a seperate email,
with an appropriate subject line for each one.  May sound silly, but a
lot of people will delete messages with subjects like "Misc Questions"
without even reading them.

pura life CR wrote:
1. Where can i get the source code of the "daemon" saver? I want to know how the logo can "jump" in the screen.

2. What command can i use if I want to crypt a word and I see it encrypoted just like the /etc/master.passwd file? For example, I want to know how the password "foobar" would be encrypted in /etc/master.passwd if It would be my real passwd.
I don't know the answer to this one, check the source.

3. Where can I get more informacion about svr4 and linux emulation?,
The handbook is a good place to start:

What does this emulation consist on? Can I run linux and svr4 binaries?.
It's not really emulation.  In the case of Linux, it actually installs a
RedHat kernel and uses it when the system calls differ from the native
FreeBSD system calls.
You should be able to run most Linux and srv4 binaries.  In my experience,
I've only ever come across 1 Linux binary that wouldn't run (Pervasive
database server).  I can't vouch for the srv4 compatibility, as I've never
used it.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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