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> > how come there is ad4s1b and ad4s1c when those names don't appear in the
> > fstab or df?  

because df shows mounted disks, and fstab what to mount. neither of them affect
b (usually swap) or c (as per Olivier below).

you can see b by using the right command, for example, swapinfo:

$ swapinfo
Device          1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity
/dev/ad0s1b.eli   4194304        0  4194304     0%

( mine has .eli @ the end because it's an encrypted swap device).

> Very often ad4s1b will be the swap and ad4s1c the full slice.
> That is not an absolute rule, but it is very much recommended (at
> least for ad4s1c) to keep it equivalent to the full slice.

indeed :) gstat shows them anyway because they are part of the GEOM subsys - u
just need the right tool  to see them.

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