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Roland Smith wrote:
> You can't restore a previous situation _unless you saved it in some
> form_. So if you want a possibility to restore stuff, you'll have to
> keep a copy of it somewhere. Maybe in compressed form, and maybe you can
> clump changes together in a smart way, but you have to save the bits
> that you change.

Of course! If I'm not clear, you could do better in asking me to
clarify, than to assume that I am an idiot. Of course you need to
save the data in some form, in order to restore it. I'm not asking
for magic.

> Every revision control system (which is effectively what you ask for) uses
> storage space to keep previous versions of data, although the precise
> method used for this varies.

Yes, but your suggested solution stores some data twice (at least
for some time). And also it involves a lot of reading and writing
(even though you could minimize it using rsync).

> Disk space is cheap, and getting cheaper. Going through a lot of trouble
> to save a few bytes is almost certainly not cost effective.
> And keep in mind that you should really only use the tools that are
> available in /rescue. Using a fancy port won't help you if whatever you
> did borked /usr/local/bin. :)

I am not talking about a backup solution here. I just want an easy
way of saving the state, doing something potentially stupid, and
then throw away the (stupid) changes real quick and painless.

Of course if the disk breaks or something, I will need something
else. It doesn't matter too much though; I just wanted to know if
something existed or not. Sees it doesn't. Thanks for your time.

Maybe I will make something. Maybe not.
For now, I will continue to mount the snapshot (as you suggested)

        Best regards,
        Svein Halvor

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