At 1:36 AM +0000 1/26/03, Petersen wrote:
Paul Hoffman wrote:

 I'm kinda surprised this isn't in the FAQ (or at least not in a place
 that I could find it). It is really impossible to build a vi with no
 external dependencies that can be installed in /bin?
What made you think it was impossible?
The book "FreeBSD" by Anderson (which was highly recommended by some) says so on page 371. I'm glad to hear that's wrong.

Assuming you have the object files from a buildworld hanging around, then
cd /usr/obj/usr/src/usr.bin/vi
cc -O -pipe -o vi *.o -lncurses -static && strip vi && mv vi /bin/
should probably supply you with what you want.
Thanks, I'll try that. (I haven't done a buildworld yet...)

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