I have am hosting a site that has two domains setup on one I.P. address.

The first domain is a subdomain of my own domain name (under its own A
record). And the second domain is setup under its own zone file with
another A record using the same I.P. address. The reverse pointer points
to the subdomain record.

This has worked so far, but we have recently noticed that if you visit the
website using the non-subdomain and click on a link, you are redirected to
the subdomain URL.

(In Apache it is setup with the subdomain as the server and the other
domain as a server alias)

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen and what one might do to
correct it?

I would copy records over but I do not have the time for that at the
moment. If they are needed I will send in another request later.

Thank you much,


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