I posted this on freebsd forum but didn't get any responces, just alot
people viewing it.  Maybe I'm missing something or this is such a stupid
question that no one want to reply. so I'll try it in here.

"I just installed portsentry to play with, and after 10 min of setting it on
the network I get probe.
looking at the message log this is what I see.

portsentry[236]: attackalert: Connect from host: 10.x.x.x/10.x.x.x to UDP
port: 161

That's the snmp port. the address that it's comming from is just a
workstation. Now why would a regular workstation probe me on the snmp port?

What could it be?
Is it a program on the computer trying to look for a device on the network
like a jetdirect?
Or virus, trojan trying to spread?"

I guess I just want to know why it's doing this, and how to prevent it.  It
may not be a virus or trojan, but it uses bandwidt to broadcast and I just
dont like that.


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