The OS is most likely win95 or win98.
I'll have to go there a check.  We do have some win2k comps, but I'm pretty
sure that those workstations are not.

Thanks, at least it gives me something.  just a simple reply like that was
what I was looking for.


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> Kenzo wrote:
> > I posted this on freebsd forum but didn't get any responces, just alot
> > people viewing it.  Maybe I'm missing something or this is such a stupid
> > question that no one want to reply. so I'll try it in here.
> >
> > "I just installed portsentry to play with, and after 10 min of setting
it on
> > the network I get probe.
> > looking at the message log this is what I see.
> >
> > portsentry[236]: attackalert: Connect from host: 10.x.x.x/10.x.x.x to
> > port: 161
> >
> > That's the snmp port. the address that it's comming from is just a
> > workstation. Now why would a regular workstation probe me on the snmp
> >
> > What could it be?
> > Is it a program on the computer trying to look for a device on the
> > like a jetdirect?
> > Or virus, trojan trying to spread?"
> Yes.
> I'm surprised nobody has answered yet.  But the problem with the question,
> it can't be answered.  There are a lot of possibilities.  You're just
going to
> have to visit that workstation and find out what's going on with it.
> > I guess I just want to know why it's doing this, and how to prevent it.
> > may not be a virus or trojan, but it uses bandwidt to broadcast and I
> > dont like that.
> True.  The first thing to do is visit the workstation and see what's
> Make sure it isn't some backdoor or trojan.  You don't state what the
> is (OS-wise).  If you did, you might find somone on the list who would
> "Oh yea, OS xyz is known for trying to connect to port 161 on every
machine on
> the network, it's perfectly harmless." or something similar.
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