My father wants to be able to watch his security cameras at his business 
remotely. I know it can be done...static IP, video capture, streaming video, Windoze but I DO NOT want to deal with MS at all. Does software exist 
for FreeBSD that would allow me to:

1. Monitor security camera footage online, either in real time or recorded
2. Switch among 4 different cameras or meld the images together in a 4-way 
split screen.

And what kind of machine (at the most basic) does everyone think would be 
required to handle this sort of activity? Do you think I would be better off 
using BeOS or another OS? I mention BeOS because I know what it can handle, 
especially since it is extremely good when it comes to graphics and other 
usually memory intensive programming.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Charlie Pelletier

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