Hello Gemma,
Hello Nikola

> Although it really looks like hardware, you can also do this to be 100%
> sure it isn't software related:
> (1) Had you used that computer before you have installed FreeBSD? It
>     would be a nice idea to post here the output of your 'dmesg'
>     or /var/log/messages.

Yes it was running XP - will post output once I finalise this car sale and
have a spare moment. :)

> (2) Have you tried to run a small script as Matthias proposed?

Not yet - am reading up on how to run a script :)

> (3) Are you sure your ports are up-to-date? If in doubt, install
>     ports-mgmt/portupgrade and run
>       # portversion -v -L =

To cut a long scary story short sort of.  I've actually reinstalled 6.2, 4
times as I seem  to have so many little things missing I wasn't sure if it
was me or the install.  So upgrading ports always eneded up crashing.
Anyway first few times went the full install, final time went with as just a
user install without X.  After that i installed X and then KDE from the
ports collection. Attempted a 7.2 upgrade thinking that might help a few
problems and in a word - nightmare.  A week later after finally getting past
the libxfct step the actual upgrade crashed as it couldn't seem to create
the xorg-libraries 7.2 directory.  So I just decided to ignore it for a
while.  But aside from xorg - everything else is up to date.

> (4) If yes, as of "how to check X without KDE", do the following:
>   (a) run 'xinit' without ~/.xinitrc file to avoid starting KDE and
>       or any other window manager; (once you start it, you can go back
>       by 'exit' or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace; please note that you must put the
>       mouse over the window in order to move focus on it);
>   (b) check if there are warning -- (WW) -- or other suspicious messages
>       in /var/log/Xorg.0.log;
>   (c) while in pure xinit session, run Firefox or other application that
>       is not KDE/Qt related;
>   (d) run Opera, Skype or similar app that is Qt- but not KDE-related;
>   (e) run KDE applications (Konqueror, KMail, etc.)
> and report one by one what happened, from (1) to (4e). Maybe it helps
> to isolate the problem, besides hardware tests :)

Will try the above this arvo when i do the rest.

Thanks heaps :)
> Nikola Lečić

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