I have read various tutorials following google searches and still could not
make flash work on FreeBSD. Is there some native flash player for FreeBSD as
there is for Linux now?
Rest of the things are working very well :) FreeBSD is getting cooler with
each release. Here is how it went, I downloaded CD1 of the FreeBSD (just for
base and no ports) and then proceeded to install as follows. Chose 1 to
BOOT, Select Country, Select Keyboard layout. Later the diskmanager comes,
went to the partition on which I had installed 6.0RC1. I wanted to do a
fresh install so I deleted it using 'D', then Create using 'C' and press 'Q'
to save-and-quit diskmanager. The next screen is for slicing the newly
created FreeBSD partition (with number 165), chose using up-down arrow keys
and press 'A' for auto-slicing (works well for quick and dirty install like
this), pressed 'Q' to save-and-quit slicemanager. Now comes the next screen
for selecting packages, I chose the 'custom' and then selected 'ALL'. It
also asks if one wants to install 'ports' tree with a cost of 440MB, since
it is worthit, I say 'yes'.
Create the root password and a normal-user account as the installer asks.
Install the bootloader too at MBR. This will allow to boot any other OS you
My WinXP is coming as option F1 and FreeBSD as F2.
Now reboot. Chose F2 to boot FreeBSD and press enter... one more time to
avoid 9 s lag!
Now I logged in as root and did the most important thing, getting the
wireless card working!
I have this Motorola bcmwl5 card which does not have the FreeBSD driver. I
repeated what I did for making it work in FreeBSD 6.0 [ follow
may be
http://caia.swin.edu.au/reports/041221A/ ].
To enable my sound card, I had to edit /boot/defaults/loader.conf and
replace NO with YES at the snd_drv_ich using vi and card worked like magic.
a nice tutorial to enable SUDO [bob, bunny  ALL=(ALL) ALL]
For autologin, I followed
http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00671.html
To install Fluxbox - http://www.pragana.net/short-commands.htmlFluxbox
For xmms-wma - http://mcmcc.bat.ru/xmms-wma/
For mplayer, http://www.freebsdforums.org/forums/printthread.php?t=46698 the
security vulnerability thing has to be closed.
For playing the DVD, I found ogle and ogle-guimplayer very good [remember to
disable quicktime using make config in /usr/ports/multimedia/win32-codecs].

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