Cheffo wrote:
Hi list,

I have server running postfix + courier-imap, and I'm looking for someway to add possibility to exchange calendars/contacts/meeting invitations/etc between mail clients.

Can someone recommend calendar, that is compatible with windows clients and can be run under FreeBSD?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Please CC me on reply as I'm not subscribed to -questions.

Hello Cheffo,
I wanted to do what you asked and after a lot of research I was able to achieve this by installing on the FreeBSD server openldap for the email addresses and a WEBDAV folder in Apache for the calendar. My setup has my email address in the ldap server and these addresses can be accessed by Outlook and Thunderbird.
I use Sunbird as the calendar and publish the calendar to the webdav folder.

The ldap server can be maintained by phpldapadmin

This setup allows all users to have access to a common email address book and a common calendar.

The only thing I was unable to do was setup an imap server to allow access to Common emails.

I am interested in being able to set up an imap server.

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