> >  Are you using  
> > spamd?  
> not sure - it's almost 2 AM here...i'm going to hit the sack as I have an
> earlish start - i'll try to dig out the config from that mail server and send
> it out, but i can't promise it'll happen tomorrow - DO ping me if i haven't
> done it after the w/end.

I guess yes, spamd is the deamonized version of SA, and to my
knownledge the only one. Spawning SA for each email would take

> > I would like to - don't know how.  Also, I'd like to redirect  
> > *****SPAM***** messages into a users SPAM IMAP folder.  Do you know  
> > how to do that?
> I am not sure how to do it - we simply fwd as usual all the email,
> let our few users to clean them up (and puts the blame of any false
> positives far away from us too)

One way is to use procmail to push flagged messages into different
mail boxes.

Another solution is to quarantine spam messages
http://www.cs.ait.ac.th/laboratory/email/quarantine.shtml. I like that
solution because it works independently from IMAP: quarantine flagged
spam and recover them if you think they are valid.


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