Michael P. Soulier writes:

>  As /usr/ports/UPDATING is rather large, it seems impossible to
>  look for potential issues with every package that you're going to
>  upgrade. So, is running portupgrade -a a good idea, as you likely
>  haven't checked for issues for your system?

        I cannot remember the last time I did this.
        1) I update regularly, at least twice a week.  (Exception:
OpenOffice.)  It usually takes an hour or so.
        2) portupgrade is not bullet-proof.  More than once over the
years it's exploded over a single port, with consequences for the
pkgdb.  Clean-up was sometimes trivial ... and sometimes horrendous.
As a result, even when I've checked for known issues I am
unintersted in a (supposedly) "fire and forget" process involving
(in one case) 600+ ports.

                                Robert Huff

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