Hello, gentlemen!
Our company has an email & internet server working under FreeBSD. We
use it for mail and as a internet gate, not for web-hosting. We have
no specialists in UNIX systems, but we have a great need of measuring
IP-traffic via the server. Can we use any standard commands for this
purpose or do we need to get a special program for it?
You can use the ipfw logging capability to log traffic and something
along the lines of a perl script to compile it into whatever form or
statistics you need.  If you're using Squid or any other cache, there
is a lot of information logged, and programs such as Calamaris to
analyze it.  Most mail programs will record transaction data as well,
although I don't know of any analyzers, there must be something available!
You also have snmp programs as well as mrtg, which produces nice graphs.
Which combination of tools you use is going to depend more specifically
on what you need to monitor, but hopefully I've given you some direction.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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