Guess it was a big mistake to send a security issue question to 
"security@freebsd",  I apologize.

My concerns are over my FreeBSD 4.7-REL bind-8.  I am 
under a lot of pressure (to stay on the air) to upgrade
just the bind 8.x to preferably 9.2.2.  IS THERE ANY WAY
to just get the /usr/ports/.../bind-9.2.x FOR 4.7R ???

i I dont want to get the whole ports and ii I dont want to 
upgrade my whole release, and, iii I do want a clean bind-9.2+
that is well tuned to the 4.7 .. 

HOW ???

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Subject: Re: Running 4.7-REL need bind-9.1+

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 12:18:36AM -0800, Everett F Batey II - PB_G4 elnk wrote:
> We were just compelled to update our BIND boxes. 
> That was a slam [dunk] for our Solaris for bind-9.2.2rc1. 
>  I AM NOT SO GOOD with FreeBSD.  Is there a way I can 
> just update the bind port alone and be able to do a make 
> build just for named, dig, etc ???
> I have yet to learn how to just get ONE port in the tree. 
>  help .. please..

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