On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, at 09:49 [=GMT-0800], Everett Batey EL wrote:

> My concerns are over my FreeBSD 4.7-REL bind-8.  I am
> under a lot of pressure (to stay on the air) to upgrade
> just the bind 8.x to preferably 9.2.2.  IS THERE ANY WAY
> to just get the /usr/ports/.../bind-9.2.x FOR 4.7R ???
> i I dont want to get the whole ports and ii I dont want to
> upgrade my whole release, and, iii I do want a clean bind-9.2+
> that is well tuned to the 4.7 ..
> HOW ???

Install the package for bind 9.2.1. It is here:


So do:

1. cd to your home directory (or some other place where you want the
2. fetch ftp://ftp.free... etc (as above)
3. su
4. pkg_add bind9*
5. put in your /etc/rc.conf:
named_flags="-c /etc/namedb/named.conf"
6. reboot and watch for any errors, specifically:

1. Bind9 wants a TTL in each zone file. So if there are none in yours
(Bind8 doesn't insist on them), Bind9 will complain. Maybe not even
So what you then do is add in the beginning (after the comments, if
any present on a separate line):
$TTL 21600
The number is a suggestion. Could be more or less, depending on your
needs. 21600 seconds is six hours.

2. Bind9 wants to starts rndc, which will probably not work. It is a
program to talk with Bind9. You probably will not need it. So you can
then ignore the error.

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