In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Juless Grosse 
> Can anybody here confirm if these are common problems,
> and if there are any settings I might tune for their
> removal?   I really wish I could change to FreeBSD.

The performance issue is easy, and in the early adopter's guide, which
is linked to in the announcement:

  * A certain amount of debugging and diagnostic code is still in place to
    help track down problems in FreeBSD 5.0's new features. This may cause
    FreeBSD 5.0 to perform more slowly than 4-STABLE.

I haven't checked the details on -RELEASE, but in pre-RELEASE
versions, there was a noticable hit.

If you're trying FreeBSD for the first time, you should probably start
with 4.7. 5.0 is still the equivalent of what the Linux world calls a
development branch.

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