Juless Grosse wrote:
I installed FreeBSD 5.0 this weekend at home and
removed it five hours laters.  Two problems made this
use of this OS prohibitive for me, although I was
hoping to stop using Debian and start using FreeBSD.

1) Awful performance on the sound subsystem under
heavy load.  If I copy large files, or start the
X-Window while playing an MP3, it would simply stop
playing while the disk is being accessed.

2) (the most important) I have a second HD with all my
data in ext3.   Although I could remove the journal
and use it as a ext2, it simply didn't work as
expected and eventually it became corrupted and the
ext2utils could'nt repair it.  When I installed Debian
again, it spent more then 40 min fsck the disk.

3) Really degraded performance on X-Window and Galeon.
 their performance under Debian (xfree 4.1) is MUCH
more smoother and even perceivably faster!

Can anybody here confirm if these are common problems,
and if there are any settings I might tune for their
removal?   I really wish I could change to FreeBSD.
Did you read the Early Adopters Guide?  FreeBSD 5.0 is
still pretty new.  If you're interested in a tried &
true version of FreeBSD, d/l and install 4.7.  The 4.x
branch is still under active development and there will
be more releases along the 4.x line until the 5.x line
works out enough of the problems for it to be as
reliable as 4.x has become.

Most of the problems I've seen people reporting about
5.x fall into the performance category.  I think there's
still a lot of debugging code in 5.0, and that slows
performance a lot.  I've noticed some performance issues
on my 5.0 test box, although none have been as severe
as you describe.

If you feel like contributing, the freebsd-current
mailing list might be very interested in your performance
report.  They've been working pretty hard to get 5.0
running well, and feedback is always helpful.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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