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camcontrol isn't going to know anything about IDE devices, it only
knows about SCSI.

So why does it show the first cd, which is also ide?

It's hard to see without the propmpts, but are you trying to use
burncd as root?  A normal user isn't going to have the neccessary
privs. to write a cd by default.

Yes.  All the commands were typed as root.

cdcontrol is simply telling you it can't read the TOC of the cd in the
drive, presumably because there's no cd in it.

There was a cd in the drive - a blank one I was trying to write to.

 I haven't used
cdcontrol in ages, but it's possible it needs root (in the case that
you were using it as a normal user with a disk in the drive)

All commands were typed as root.

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