On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Brett Davidson wrote:

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Brett Davidson wrote:

If there are patches/updates to this issue I would REALLY like to know about them! :-)

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I may be wrong, but USB support has always been giant-locked, and continues to be giant-locked, at least until Hans work maybe gets integrated into 8-CURRENT after a major code review.


Thanks Garrett.

By the way, my colleague informed me incorrectly that USB and SMP support was an issue. (Although I am keen for this to work!) :-)

Heh :).

From the latest source, the Kernel PAE conf file mentions that USB and PAE are not known to play well together. This is my immediate concern.

Not sure if that's a problem. PAE is just an ugly ugly hack, but you probably 
know that by now... should have gone with amd64 ;).

I presume giant-locking is one mutex that rules them all? As such, besides being inefficient under load, how would running USB under this be a problem with PAE?

Uhm, it's sorta like that. Many drivers are still using giant-locks, but 
there's a lot of effort going into removing those giant locks for creating more 
SMP'goodness :).


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