On Sun, 29 Jul 2007, Adam J Richardson wrote:

Pollywog wrote:
On Saturday 28 July 2007 20:23:16 Erik Trulsson wrote:

Short answer:  It is perfectly normal.  Don't worry.

Longer answer:

The reason you have all of them installed is that some ports need one of
them, and others need another one etc.
It is perfectly safe to have all of them installed at the same time.

You can delete any or all of them if you wish, but don't be surprised if
they get pulled in again by one port or another.

Kind of related to this topic. Is there any way I can find installed packages that are *not* required by any other packages?

Many a times while upgrading ports I've stumbled upon stuff that is no longer required by other packages but is still there ... (Possibly they were pulled in when I installed some package I wanted. Later I removed that, but forgot to remove this requirement package).

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