Hi all -
        Two weeks ago nwlink.com upgraded it's mail servers.  Ever since
that time I can not email anyone whose email is handled by those servers.
What's even more frustrating is that my home server, same setup, same DSL
(through nwlink.com even), but on a different subnet cause it's in a
different city, has no problems whatsoever.

The messages I get back from processing the queue manually with a lot of
debugging are:

Running /var/spool/mqueue/h0THo5Sc018988 (sequence 2 of 11)
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>... Connecting to mx1.pacifier.net. via esmtp...
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>... Connecting to mx3.pacifier.net. via esmtp...
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>... Connecting to mx2.pacifier.net. via esmtp...
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>... Connecting to mx4.pacifier.net. via esmtp...

If I telnet to those IP's above on port 25, it does take about 60-90
seconds to connect, but it does connect.  I've fiddled with the various
Timeout paramaters in my sendmail.cf and submit.cf, but without any luck.

I'm running sendmail 8.12.3 on FreeBSD 4.5-stable.

I've gone round and round with them (for two weeks now) and they agree
there's something wrong, and are now looking into their network issues,
but in the meantime, I need help getting mail to send?

So... is there anyway to get sendmail to just wait and wait and wait for
that connection to appear?  Or is there an easy way to tell it that intead
of trying mx#.pacifier.net to use smtp.nwlink.com instead?

Thanks folks...

this is driving me nuts.


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