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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to install a system on a machine that doesn't have an optical
drive. I plan on using a USB flash drive to do the job and found a
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(http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg55434.html)
about just such a thing. The script provided converts the CD image into
one suitable for a flashmemory stick. I used  and coverted it without
issue. The instructions say to use dd to prepare the flash drive so
#dd if=flashbsd.iso of=/dev/da0

This will copy CD to USB sector-by-sector recreating CD filesystem
(ISO-9660) on the stick. I don't think it's what system expects. I
tried to do similar thing some time ago. I don't remember details but
what I did was mounting CD-image and copying files from there to
preformatted USB stick.

The script he referenced built a disk image from the iso-9660 fs to create his flashbsd.iso image - the .iso extension at this point is misleading. The script makes a dedicated freebsd memory disk, puts bootcode and a UFS filesystem on it, and copies the contents of the install CD to the UFS filesystem. It's this image that he is then dd'ing to the flash drive.

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