desktop system should be, so FreeBSD with GUI apps _is_
-- or can be if you want -- a "perfect desktop system".

i don't use GUI. it takes a lot and gives nothing. i use both text and graphic (X) based apps and no gui. i use fvwm2 with my config, there are plenty of nice other wm's good for that.

i need a productive system, no "graphical user interfaces" etc, that let me actually concentrate of what i have to do!

Most of You needs the same, but after years of aggressive marketing/brainwashing think that "graphical user interfaces", "desktop environments" etc. are important.
The most stupid but popular claim is that complexity is good.

this make people work many TIMES slower, both 100% window$ users and 95-99% unix users.

all of this is needed to convince people that every 1-2 year they need new "modern" computer and the old is worth nothing. and people believe in it.

their problem, not mine :)
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