> I'm interested in changing over to FreeBSD from Windows, but I'll have
> to say, you guys don't really present a forceful argument to Windows
> users of how easy the switch may be.

For someone with zero Unix experience. It's not easy.

> I need to see an overwhelming argument that FreeBSD is a perfectly
> acceptable alternative for home desktop users who have previously
> known only Windows.

Unless you know some other flavor of Unix, or have the time to invest
learning it, or have a local guru to hook you up - it isn't.

> For instance, if I download and install FreeBSD, will I instantly have
> a desktop windowing environment that I can navigate in while I figure out
> what's going on?

No. Not unless you install one.

> I understand you guys have been around for a while, but you don't seem
> to understand the monumental "fear" involved in switching operating
> systems.

*Laughs* I do. I came from exactly where you're coming from, the "Windows user"
camp. It's been a very long, frustrating trip, but for me it's been worth it.

For those who want an easy to use Windows clone, FreeBSD is not it.
FreeBSD is, first and foremost, a server, hence the catch phrase, "The
power to serve." That's not to say it cannot be configured to be a
windows work-alike, it can, but this would require at least some
learning of Unix basics to configure the system in this way. For a
friendly windows clone, you might look into "PC-BSD". It comes out of
the box ready for Windows converts.

For those coming from a "Windows user" background, FreeBSD will
require a significant investment in time in order to see any benefit.
For those who have that time, the rewards are rich indeed. The
majority of what you would learn about FreeBSD can also be applied to
almost any other flavor of Unix, should you decide to jump ship again.
The FreeBSD project has excellent documentation for learning the
system, as well as a very supportive mailing list. These two factors
are what got the sway vote for me to get onboard over the other Unix

my 2 cents.
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