My goal was to make an cdrom that I could use with a serial console. I downloaded an iso image, burned a cdrom and used that cd to make a file tree with:

   tar -cf - -C /mnt/ . | tar -xpf - -C 6.2-RELEASE/

The du command shows essentially the same size for the cdrom and the file tree:

   1020444 /mnt (cdrom)
   1053224 6.2-RELEASE/

The difference of about 31MB is almost entirely in /usr (24MB). I took this to be the difference in internal/external fragmentation between isofs and ufs. However mkisofs builds an ISO image of 1GB. Whatever my error is, it is not due to missing hard links (I think). The du sums and counting files with find all this matches.

I could not find anything in GNATS on mkisofs. Is there another way to build an iso image? If anyone can see what I did wrong or where my analysis is off I would really appreciate the help.
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