Ruben de Groot wrote:
On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 12:53:39PM +0100, Christopher Key typed:

I recently tried to install vim from the ports collections, however I
didn't do it with 'WITHOUT_X11', and accordingly it went off and
installed X + presumably a whole load of dependencies which I really
don't want.  Is there any way to get a list of exactly what it added so
that I can go and remove it cleanly?

the command "pkg_deinstall -nR vim" (this command is port of the portupgrade package) will give you a list of all packages vim depends on. Removing the 'n'
switch will actually upward-recursively deinstall these packages, excluding
the ones that are needed by other packages.
Then rebuild vim WITHOUT_X11 ;)

Thanks Ruben, portupgrade contained a lot more tools that I wasn't aware of. In the end, I ripped everything out and started afresh.

I do have another query though; pkg_cutleaves is supposed to show you a list of of packages upon which nothing depends. In theory this means that there should be nothing in this list beyond the ports I've explicitly installed. However, I do seem to have gained autoconf, automake, gmake, help2man and libtool. Am I right in thinking that these were required for building / installing something at some point, but that nothing would break if I were to remove them?


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