Christopher Key writes:

>  I do have another query though; pkg_cutleaves is supposed to show
>  you a list of of packages upon which nothing depends.  In theory
>  this means that there should be nothing in this list beyond the
>  ports I've explicitly installed.

        This theory is incorrect.

>  However, I do seem to have gained autoconf, automake, gmake,
>  help2man and libtool.  Am I right in thinking that these were
>  required for building / installing something at some point, but
>  that nothing would break if I were to remove them?

        I'm not sure about help2man, but for the others: yes.
        The price will be having them automatically reinstalled every
time a port is built which uses them.  While doing so will not take
long ... none of these is a space-hog, nor do they adversely affect
system operation.  General practice is to leave them be.

                                Robert Huff
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