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I want to build a Freebsd based webserver and all the stuff works quiet well, I got ruby on rails installed (ports/www/rubygem-rails) and I'm able to start webrick (the integrated webserver) also I installed the hole mysql package (server, client , scripts all 5.0).

But I still have some problems !
First I do not know how to configure the Ftp server. I disabled anonymous login (during the setup)and I killed the '#' in the inetd.conf in the line for ftp (ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/libexec/ftpd ftpd -l) and saved this file ! Now I want to login with a normal account (also user account) via ftp and it does not work! please help ! Also there is no open port!

You have to restart inetd to get it to re-read inetd.conf. The way I'd suggest is to do '/etc/rc.d/inetd restart'.

The other problem is about MYSQL
It works for me (mysql version 5). But I can not connect as remote from an other computer ! I enabled it in the rc.conf and the mysql ports seems to be open ! (did a port scan from the remote). But I can not access the database as remote. Also I created a new user in mysql (user with all privileges) i can not connect to the server as remote, neither with the root nor with my new account (but the new account works from the inside as well). I had been told to change a file called my.conf but I do not find this file ! Can you pleasetell me where my mysql configuration is saved ! thx for help !

You don't need to edit my.conf, but you do have to add permissions on the database in question for your user from hosts other than localhost. The table mysql.db is the one you're looking for. If you want your user to have permissions from any host, use '%' for the Host column.
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