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Doug Poland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've got an HP/Compaq nx7400 and am having trouble with kernel
> loadable object generated by ndisgen.  (6.2-STABLE, i386).
> Following the man page for ndisgen(4), I have the following files:
> -rwx------  1 dpoland  wheel    27546 May  4 14:14:52 2007
> NETw4x32.CAT* -rwx------  1 dpoland  wheel   180005 May  4 14:14:52
> 2007 NETw4x32.INF* -rwx------  1 dpoland  wheel  2206976 May  4
> 14:14:52 2007 NETw4x32.SYS* -rwxr-xr-x  1 root     wheel  4185539 Aug
> 13 16:42:25 2007 NETw4x32_SYS.ko*
> I've copied the .ko file to /boot/kernel and when I type:
> root# kldload NETw4x32_SYS
> the system panics.

I can confirm this.
The FreeBSD ndis layer doesn't support the whole set of ndis features
and is slippery when wet.
Damien Bergamini wrote an OpenBSD driver for the 3945ABG chipset and he
ported it to FreeBSD at some point. It works on fbsd 6.2 i386 only.
Damien stopped developing the FreeBSD version for some reason so it may
be a bit outdated but it works for many people.
You should be able to find the sources for the driver by googling a bit.

Good luck!

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