Pieter de Goeje wrote:

On Tuesday 21 August 2007, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
I have a directory /net/store. This directory is exported to all machines
on my network.

I have a sub-directory /net/store/photos. That too is exported to all
machines on my network.

What I want is that when I mount /net/store from another machine, the
contents of /net/store/photos too be visible. Is there any way I can do

From the manpage and the handbook and Google etc I get the idea that it
might not be possible. Still, asking just in case there are any
round-about ways ... I would assume a scenario like this is common.

Forgot to add: the two directories are imported "dynamically" on the
client side. So I can't just make fstab entries on the client side to
mount both points. I use AMD to mount /net/store when needed. And I can't
for the life of me figure how to make it mount /net/store/photos too when
needed -- I dont think that's possible(?) ...
I have that configuration working.
In /etc/exports:
/pub    -alldirs        client
/pub/video -alldirs     client
On the client side, I didn't change anything to the configuration of AMD.
Simply cd'ing to /host/server/pub and then 'cd video' does the right thing. I
don't think -alldirs is really needed, but it's there for convenience.

Thanks Pieter. The default configuration mounts *all* the exported filesystems from host. Which should be fine, just that I don't want it that way (and I like complicating matters, I guess! :p).

Using the default way, I can access the exported filesystems as /host/server/net/store[/photos] -- which is not what I want. Rather, I want to access the exported /net/store[/photos] filesystems under the /net/store[/photos] mount points of the client -- and I don't want any other exported file systems in there either. Kind of like the "host" type amd filesystem, but only for a specific branch.

This is something I did come up with:

/defaults       host!=obelix;type:=nfsopts:=rw,intr,grpid,nosuid
store           type:=auto;fs:=${map};pref:=${key}/
store/*         type:=nfs;rhost:=obelix;rfs:=${path}

It does what I want -- /net/store/[anything] is mounted from the remote host (obelix) -- only problem (and the reason why I didnt go ahead with this) being that there's no way to see what all directories are available under /net/store. If do a "cd /net/store/music" it will work well; but if you do an "ls /net/store" it won't mount "/net/store" and show me what subdirs are available. And the "browseable_dirs" option in "amd.conf" does not help either coz its an "auto" type filesystem.

I had forgotten about the "host" filesystem type (the default). So thanks for pointing it out. Let me see if I can twiddle around and find a workaround. :)


                                - Rakhesh
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