During the build of the graphical portion of my new FreeBSD-powered
laptop I noticed that some knobs are not listed in /usr/ports/KNOBS and
so, I can't add them to make.conf before building the packages.

When I run "make fetch-recursive" for fluxbox, I get :

WITH_DEBUG=yes          Build with debugging symbols
WITH_DOCHTML=yes        Install the HTML documentation
WITH_DOCPDF=yes         Install the PDF documentation
WITH_GNOME=yes          Enable GNOME support
WITH_IMLIB2=yes         Enable Imlib2 (pixmap themes) support

and for libiconv :

WITHOUT_EXTRA_ENCODINGS=yes     Disable extra character sets
WITH_EXTRA_PATCHES=yes          Apply extra patches (fixes cp932, adds

GNOME and DEBUG are listed in /usr/ports/KNOBS, but IMLIB2 and
EXTRA_PATCHES are not... Is there a way to have the full list of
supported build options ? Or maybe I am wrong and these settings are not
supposed to be in make.conf but in /var/db/ports/<portname>/options, if
so please let me know :)
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