Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> The documentation is, essentially, the setiathome(1) manual itself.
> The only trick for rc.setiathome.conf is to use the seti_proxy_args
> variable, which you've already figured out.
> > seti_proxy_args=-proxy xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port
> That's what you need.  Except it should be in quotes, I think.

Yes, the man page mentions the .conf and the seti_proxy_args= entry but it
doesn't give examples of the proper format. You were correct, however, I
did need the quotes.

This is what worked:

seti_proxy_args="-proxy xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port"

If such an example could be added to the setiathome(1) man page then maybe
more people would use it. There might also be a mention of the FreeBSD
setiathome team so they could join.

Thank you for your time and attention,


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