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> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:43:46 -0500
> From: Paul Schmehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: spammers harvesting emaill address from this list

> --On Thursday, August 23, 2007 20:06:47 +0100 dgmm
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> > On Thursday 23 August 2007, Erik Trulsson wrote:

> >> For this list (freebsd-questions@) in particular it is
> >> intentionally and explicitly the case that one does not need
> >> to be subscribed to post here. This is because it is the main
> >> support forum for FreeBSD, and much documentation exists
> >> directing people to ask their questions here.

> > This does, in fact, open up a distinct possibility for list
> > subscribers who want to stop their address being harvested.

> > Subscribe to the list with one email address such that one
> > receives the list emails but post to the list with a different
> > address.

> Basically, what you (and others as well) are suggesting is that
> the list maintainers do double the work so that you don't have
> to bother with spam filtering.

> Seems rather self-centered to me.

> This is the internet. Spam is endemic. Short of encasing your
> computer in concrete, there's no way to avoid getting spam
> **even if you never post to a mailing list**. Either learn to
> deal with it or stop subscribing to lists.

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> Paul Schmehl ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
> Senior Information Security Analyst
> The University of Texas at Dallas
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I've had four email addresses.  [EMAIL PROTECTED] from
about 1984 to late 1980s.  We then set up a group of Unix
users - with 3 major nodes [including mine] feeding Orlando,
and then it was [EMAIL PROTECTED]   For awhile it
was [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Then I finally snagged a 3 letter domain,

I see about 5-10 [maxium] emails that are spam in my normal
mailbox.  I use spamassassin, and I  drop a lot into a
a mailbox called 'almost-certainly-spam'.

I just checked and as of this moment Fri Aug 24 06:23:47 EDT 2007,
I have 381 messages there dated August 23 and August 24.

I don't know when the last time an important message got 
into that file.

If you don't like spam, put in a decent spam filter, as someone
somewhere is going to get your address, whether it is from this
list or somewhere else.   And this thread on spam is quite useless
IMO on this list - unless you need hints/help on how to filter

[Do a search on Google and you'll see posts from me to Usenet
dating back to the mid-1980s.]

Bill Vermillion - bv @ wjv . com
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