Predrag Punosevac wrote:
How about if you read  first page from Chapter 18 from the Handbook

There are several rock solid command line programs for burning CDs and DVDs. Burn cd is the simplest one. cdrecord is the second one.

Except I am not trying to burn a CD. I am trying to rip (extract CD audio tracks into a file). Both burncd and cdrecord are for burning (writing) CDs, which is not the issue.

Now, the dd command mentioned on that page... that I am familiar with, and already had tried. Through me for a loop at first since I thought it was outputting a .wav file, but once I realized it was just a raw PCM file I was able to play it fine. So it works.

cdda2wav seems to extract a wav file fine, with no errors. File is playable.

cdparanoia also creates a playable wav file just fine.

Forgive me for saying this but before we declare something is wrong with hardware lets check if the thing can record from the command line when you are supper user. This way we will check if something is wrong with hardware or with configuration files i.e. permissions , links etc.
If you can rip CD from the command line hardware is OK.

It's not that I thought I had bad hardware, but I figured I might need some config/settings tweaks, especially since it's an SATA drive.

Anyhow, sorry for the confusion... don't mean to seem dense. Just didn't seem like we were on the same page (burning vs. ripping). Hopefully the command-line results give you an idea of where to look next.

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