On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 11:12:03AM -0700, snowcrash+freebsd wrote:

> as i do on every other os/platform, i use ONLY "native" cpan/cpanp.
> i have dozens of cpan-installed perl-modules.  cpan/cpanp manage the
> dependencies just fine.

> the problem is in the case of 'help2man'.
> the port-install of help2man *DOES* use the cpan-installed gettext
> perl-module correctly,

> there's no legitimate reason why it should NOT be looking for the
> *correctly installed* gettext dependency in site_perl path ...
> but, the fact remains that it isn't.

Sorry, but I am afraid that if you insist on not using Perl modules
installed via ports this means you cannot expect any ports depending on Perl
modules to work.

It might be fixable in this particular instance (did you provide a patch in
your PR?  thought so...), but you cannot expect it to work in general.

We're going for 'working' here. 'clean' is for people with skills...
-- Flemming Jacobsen
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